Friday, June 10, 2011

its getting sucks..

days keep moving as my life keeps changing..what do i need in my life these days is just to find a partner..but things make me feel that its useless..i would never find i planned to just moving through the flow of my will be better than being worse..i've been having a worse day a few weeks ago..since that moment i'm getting believe that no body could be trusted in this world now a days..everyone lying for their would one in a million people that is not lying..and its hard to find me would be serves me right to what i have done..everything's paid..well i receive what good and bad..i'm planning to change myself to be good..its hard..but i believe that i can do is a bit of jealousy when seeing my friends are married and live happily with their loved one..but it turns out the other way when it comes to me..every thing was worse..nothing sweet as the moment when i was with him..but he is gone now..not in my life anymore..i still miss him and wanting him..but it would just a dream..i wont forget him..but i will forget every guys that exist just to ruin my life..and every guy that exist and brings nothing to me..sure is boredom..but this is my life now a days..a loner..i am a PERFECT LONER..that is me..a real PERFECTLONER..

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