Thursday, January 27, 2011

its about how she feel..

        she was about 15 years old when she knew him.she is someone that i knew until now i still know that she still have feeling for him.she have a best friend that she knew since she was in form 1.they were always together until one moment, she have been asked by her classmate to find a boyfriend otherwise she would be labeled as a lesbian just because she never had a boyfriend since she was in form 1.from that day she met her best friend which was in form 4 that moment.her friend gave her a number of  a boy .that was for the first time she would be friend with a she started to know him and bit by a bit he is moving a little bit far to the relationship.without being known by herself she got attracted to is such an accident.she never thought that she would have a feeling to him just by the is such a ridiculous thing that she had ever day she was being sked by that guy either she wants to be his girlfriend or not.without thinking further and by just thinking about her feeling she randomly accept his propose.since that day she was declare themselves as a couple of lover.
       5 years moving without being reallized.they was having all the sweet and sour moment just by the phone.they were having a romantic moment and they were fighting.they also have been break and continue their relationship for few times.until one day,she was being told that she fell in love with a man that her friend used to love.suddenly she remember the time that she and her friend had together.they were sharing all the stories.she was told that the guy that her best friend gave was a brother of her s he accepted him without expect anything from him.once she was calling him and he gave a picture of him,her best friend was just beside her.her best friend was listened to everything he said without he being realised that his saying was being heard by her best friend.after the phone her best friend was said that his voice and face was definitely same with his boyfriend.that was the time that she never believe it and thought maybe its just an incident to met a same person.until her best friend says that her boyfriend and a guy that her best friend used to love was a same person she felt so broken.her heart was damage.she was crying and tears always being her friend from that day.she was asked that guy whether its true or not.then he was said that he thought she was his friend and a sister to him.her heart was getting ruined.she was just cant believe what she was heard.she never thought that she would be hurt like that.she kept all her feelings towards him for 5 years thinking that he would love her in return.
       it was hard for her to forget is really hard for her to let him get out of her life.even though she is now some where and busy with her student life.her heart always filled with love for him.she were really cant accepted the reality that she was being used by him to get her best friends attention.until now,she love but she hate him.she miss him but she cant forgive him.her heart and mind always about him.she never deeply fell in love like she used to love him.every sweet little thing that she dream of was ruined by him.thank you rizal for everything you've done.thanks for hurting.