Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i found this note is equal to my self..not all..but most of it.

UNIQUE-(its bout me)
You are special in every way. You are one of everything. You can be mean and bitchy but be a kind person at the same time. You can be sad and crying, but push it aside for a friend. You are creative whether its artisticly, or mentally. You have a temper, but you only use it when neccesary. You are curios, and talented. You have many friends, know lots of people, but inside, you wonder about everything. You have been hurt in the past, but you saty calm and focused enough not to show your hurting inside.

Monday, June 13, 2011

i miss him until now..

hai korunk..bg yg jd follower aku..aku ucap thanx a lot..blog aku x la secomel blog korunk..but still thanx coz sudi jd follower aku..aku ader bnyk story nk letk..tp ader story yg aku rase better aku share ngn dri aku sdri jew..tp yg nie..aku nk luah kn..coz aku berharap andai llk tu terbace blog nie or sesape yg ade talian drh ngn dye yg terbace blog nie bleh sampai kn pd dye yg aku rindu sgt kt dye..llk tu ku panggil arin..aku syg dye smpi skarang..walaupn da bthn lame kitorg ptus..aku akui..kesalahan aku sbb buat dye terluka..
hari demi hari aku teringat kt dye..makin aku nka lupakan dye makin aku syg pda dye..ssh untuk hati aku buang gamabaran wajah dye dari pandangan mata hati aku..aku maasih egt setiap tingkah laku dye sewaktu kitorg jmpe..aku masih egt hadiah yg aku bagi pd dye..aku masih egt kenyitan mate dye sewaktu dye pujuk aku..aku masih egt kitorg tgk citer sifu dan tongga bersame..makan kt kedai mamak...naek bas cabok..aku x kesah sume tu..tp aku x pasti samada dye selesa atau x..aku egt lagi waktu kitorrg nk alek..cume ader kitorg berdua je dlm bas tu drpd bandr smpi ke satu kawasan tmn perumahan bru ader org ramai..
kenagn tu semua sgt manis buat aku..walaupn dye x seberape..tp kasih syg dye buat aku masih aku rase smpi skarang..setiap detik aku berharap dye akan pulang pda aku..namun ade kalanya aku rase aku x nk dye kembali sbb aku takut dye akan menyesal biler dye kembali pd aku..aku kini x seperti aku yg dulu..aku kini bnyk kekurangn ny..
buat arin andai ny awak terbace ruang nie..sy nk awak tawu yg sy syg awk sgt2..walaupn hubungn kite da lame berakhir..sy nak awak tawu..sy masih mengharap kn awak d sisi sy..sy nk awk tawu..x ade seorg un yg dpt gantikn awk dalam hati sy..sy syg sgt kt awak..sy harap awk masih simpan tabung pasir yg sy bg pd awk..itu tanda syg sy buat awk..meski pn tabung tu harge ny x seberape..tp sy ikhlas..sbb awk la satu2 ny llk yg sy beri hadiah krn kasih cnte sy..dan awk juga la llk pertama dan satu2 ny llk yg kekal dlm hati sy..wajah aawk..kenagan kite..snyuman awk..semua ny tntang awk..x kn dpt sy lupe..sy rindu kn awk sesangat sgt ny..

Friday, June 10, 2011

its getting sucks..

days keep moving as my life keeps changing..what do i need in my life these days is just to find a partner..but things make me feel that its useless..i would never find one..so i planned to just moving through the flow of my life..it will be better than being worse..i've been having a worse day a few weeks ago..since that moment i'm getting believe that no body could be trusted in this world now a days..everyone lying for their good..it would one in a million people that is not lying..and its hard to find one..as me myself..it would be serves me right to what i have done..everything's paid..well i receive what good and bad..i'm planning to change myself to be good..its hard..but i believe that i can do it..it is a bit of jealousy when seeing my friends are married and live happily with their loved one..but it turns out the other way when it comes to me..every thing was worse..nothing sweet..as sweet as the moment when i was with him..but he is gone now..not in my life anymore..i still miss him and wanting him..but it would just a dream..i wont forget him..but i will forget every guys that exist just to ruin my life..and every guy that exist and brings nothing to me..sure is boredom..but this is my life now a days..a loner..i am a PERFECT LONER..that is me..a real PERFECTLONER..